Korea Federation of University Cooperatives (hereinafter referred to as ‘KFUC) set the theme ‘University Cooperative, Make Better Coop Based on 7 Principles.’ In accordance with it, we set goals & targets and conduct them after members’ approval in general assembly.

To realize the theme, make better coop based on 7 principles, we acknowledged that one of the key parts is to let members participate in the decision making process and all related activities. As a result, we built ‘Student Network’. This is to broaden activities and participation from students and eventually to realize democratic control by members, one of the principles, according to International Cooperative Alliance, ICA. The network consists of three parts. The leader students, divisions, and KFUC student committee. We recruited the suitable members from their applications and in-depth interviews. Finally we got 10 students for the network, and 20 students in total, including KFUC student committee members.

Here’s a closer look of the student network [The main leader students] Two students are working as the main leader students. Basically they are in charge of relationships and facilitation especially in three divisions. So they connect among KFUC staffs, three division students, and student committee members. Furthermore, they are also in responsible for education, spreading and promoting the value of University Cooperatives.   [Divisions] Three divisions have Education, Design, and Branding Team. Education part organizes programs in KFUC level. Their main target is students, from the individual members to student committee members, and the member of board of directors. Design team is to publish on/offline promotion materials, package design, and others. They are working closely to all parts and visualize the drafts and plans. Branding team is to think about the identity of University Cooperative, and realize it through business sector, and any related activities. For example, they may decide to using symbol colours for highlighting the brand image, then, they may write a report and suggest it to member cooperatives. Also they can carry on campaign to promote cooperative to members and non members. They can make a project in every area of business: canteen, cafe, general store, book store, and so on. Their activities have a variety range, and what’s more, those will eventually be the strategy or policies.   [KFUC Student Committee] KFUC Student Committee is organized by each University Cooperative’s student committee members, and individual student members who wish to join. The committee is supporting the board of directors, and making a policies for University Cooperative and student members. It has a working group. and group members frequently have meetings and cooperations within network. In addition to all mentioned activities, the network operates with flexibility. They can make task force team if needed, and working very closely to each other in anytime. The students are frequently and easily regarded as object to be educated, or non professionals. But since we are all ‘Cooperators’ and have an equal equity as a member, we should cooperate and working closely with student members, not just ‘support’ them. KFUC welcomes this first and meaningful student network.   Wish to know more, click here It is written in Korean Only, so contact us should you have any questions.