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About KFUC

KFUC aims to benefit its member cooperatives through joint businesses, to facilitate the establishment and operation of University Cooperatives by providing technical expertise, and ultimately, to foster a community spirit in college.

Partners for an affluent life in college, and Mainstays of a cooperative society, pursuing Cooperation, Welfare, and Mutual Interests on- and off-campus.

University Cooperatives provide their members with the best welfare services, try to realize the value of cooperation on-campus based on the members’ voluntary participation, and support their study and growth.


The first University Cooperative was founded in 1989, and KFUC has begun the activities since 2011. KFUC has 31 member cooperatives among 35 University Cooperatives, and supports them in various sectors. We have around 144,000 individual members.


KFUC Value


Any student, faculty, and staff can join as a member. S/he uses the services, owns and organizes the cooperative. University cooperative makes sustainable society based on member’s democratical involvement and participation.


University Cooperative offers the best welfare services on and off campus to support member’s study, and research.

Mutual Interest

With its members, University cooperative finds mutually beneficial ways for University and community.


Government Relations

University cooperatives try to reflect opinions on laws and regulations to creat a supportive and enabling environment for the development.

Consultation on Establishment

KUCF connects member cooperatives and provides practical support for joint contract and purchasing.


University Cooperatives organize education programs for their member students, directors, and staff.

International Relations

University Cooperatives build up networks with University Cooperatives in other countries―especially in Asia and the Pacific region.

Joint Business

We use bulk purchasing system, which guarantees reasonable price. Based on all members' cooperation, we support their lives.


KFUC builds the netwkorking with Univesristy cooperatives and its individual members. As a result, we spread our value and activities through them.


Our member cooperatives has various business areas in canteen, cafe, bookstore, general stores and so on to meets their individual members' needs.
Not only those service, they also carry on various cultrual and other activities to support members' lives in the campus. Eventually this will make a cooperative society.


General Store

Book & Stationery


Cultural Service

Social contribution

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KFUC and NFUCA held federation level staff seminar in Seoul

by 김수진 July 12, 2019, 12:16 p.m.

Korea Federation of University Cooperatives (KFUC) and National Federation of University Cooperative Associations (NFUCA) held seminar in Seoul, Republic of Korea. It was 3-day-program, from the 3rd to 5th, July, …



KFUC and NFUCA had a preparatory meeting of Student Exchange Seminar

by 정선교 June 7, 2019, 1:42 p.m.

Korea Federation of University Cooperatives(KFUC) and National Federation of University Cooperative Association(NFUCA) have a long history of solidarity in various programs, and activities as a part of International Cooperative Alliance(ICA) …



Youth in Cooperatives : An interview with President of KFUC

by 정선교 June 7, 2019, 1:39 p.m.

We, KFUC, had the 8th general assembly in 20th, December.  As one of the results, once again, we gladly welcome the president, Ms.Jin-ah Kim. She served her term in 2018, and was re-elcted …