The interview with the beneficiaries of Grocery Delivery Service

Here we have two interviewees, Soyeong Yun, and Eunsaem Goh from Chungbuk University Cooperative, who were given grocery delivery service from Korea Federation of University Cooperatives.
Check out the following interviews.

[Interview A]

The first interviewee is Soyeong Yun

Q. Would you please introduce yourself?

A. Hi, I'm Soyeong Yun, and I am the student member of Chungbuk University Cooperative.

Q. Can you tell us why you applied 'Grocery Delivery Service'?

A. Well, I've been living by myself near my University because of the studying. Due to the circumstance, I rarely eat well, because it takes some time to prepare the meal. So my eating habit became very irregular, and nutritionally unbalanced. To solve this problem, I applied this project.

Q. What is your favorite part of being a beneficiary of this service?

A. Though I tried to eat nutritionally balanced, it is hard to reach the standard, because as a single-person household, purchasing various ingredients is not a simple thing. Thus I usually buy retort pouch or precooked food. But this service covers various groceries, such as soup and fruit, which was really good for me.

Q. Right, I also checked the satisfaction index of fruit was really high.

A. Yes. I think it's because usually the person who live by oneself doesn't have fruit or vegetable very often.

Q. Besides of it, do you also have other secondary effect from this service, such as reducing food expenses?

A. Definitely. As I received the package, I really don't have to buy extra food at least two weeks. And it helped me a lot for saving the cost.

Q. If you were a part of the team member which selects the items, what would you like to do?

A. Well, I would like to introduce the 'mid-term feedback session'. I know it's very difficult to get the feedback on every delivery, but I wish there were more feedback sessions, say, one feedback session for two deliveries. Once you get the feedback on food selection, we can adjust the list of the items based on it.

Q. Can you tell us any item which wasn't your preference?

A. Personally, I mostly liked the side dish from Sempio, however some of them were not so good, such as Jangjorim(beef boiled in soy sauce). You know they are totally canned food. So I cooked that food.

Q. What do you think of the purpose of this service?

A. I think the objective of this project is to resolve the issue of students' food cost. By doing this, they can balance the total amount of living expenses.

Q. Overall, I understand that you have a high satisfaction degree on this project among the benefits you can have as a member of coop, right?

A. Absolutely. I think it's because the service straightforwardly gives the benefits to the members.

[Interview B]

The second interviewee is Eunsaem Goh.

Q. Hello. Would you please introduce yourself to us?

A. Hi, I am Eunsaem Goh from Chungbuk University Cooperative.

Q. Can you tell us why you applied this, 'grocery delivery service'?

A. Well, once I visited one of my friends who lives by herself, and I found there were food packages. She recommended this service, telling I can have this every two weeks. So I applied this service in following semester

Q. Then, do you got your first package in the second semester of the year 2020, right?

A. Correct.

Q. Alright. Which is your favorite part of this service?

A. As you know, all classes are based on online system, this year(2020) due to the circumstance. Since I don't go to the University, personally, I thought I don't get many benefits as a part of the members. Because almost all benefits were based on having mileages for purchasing something at the stores. However, after I received the package, I fully satisfied with the service, and thought I have enough privileges as a member. Furthermore, I worried because of the food expenses, but it really helped me a lot in terms of the cost.

Q. I understand that this service was helpful to you, right?

A. Of course. Since I've lived by myself, I usually don't eat well, and have a bad eating habit, like depending on a food delivery. After I got the package every to weeks however, I could cut the food expenses. Furthermore I could eat very well thanks to the various kinds of ingredients.

Q. If you were a part of the team which selects the item, what would you like to add?

A. I fully satisfied with this service, but personally adding one more thing will be perfect. Well, I like sweet pumpkin, and I wish this will be included in the package with printed handout about recipes.

Q. What do you think of the purpose of this service?

A. I think the objective of this project is to cut the food expenses for students.

Q. I was the part of this project, and hearing this kind of feedback makes me thankful. Also I am so proud of what I did as a member who selected the items.

A. Over the semester, I got the package every Monday. After I finished my part time job, I found the package was delivered in front of my place.
The thing is, it really relieved me. I felt like I was taken care of by somebody else. I was really appreciated and I want to say that applying for this project is the best thing I have ever did in this whole semester. I also recommend it to my friends, too. It is really great experience.
Thank you all.