KFUC and NFUCA had a preparatory meeting of Student Exchange Seminar

Korea Federation of University Cooperatives(KFUC) and National Federation of University Cooperative Association(NFUCA) have a long history of solidarity in various programs, and activities as a part of International Cooperative Alliance(ICA) members.

One of those activities, we have 'Korea-Japan Student's Exchange Program.

This is an annual program and this year, it will be held in Korea. Thus, we had a preparatory meeting in the venue of the seminar, Busan from 24th to 26th of May.

This seminar is peculiar and meangful because it is prepared and organized by student members.

We have core members from KFUC, and NFUCA, and they had a meeting about study, exchange programs, and the theme of this year's seminar. This year, we will have student member's activities, participation, and the possibility and broaden the activities of University Cooperative. Furthermore, we will also think of the seminar, and have a future plan of it.

The seminar will be held in August. Hope many of student members join it.